Our Company

Bunji Catering is a corporate catering venture aligned with Jarrah Integrated Services. We are a proud Aboriginal company built on a shared commitment to Indigenous business development, and career development and advancement, including key community engagements and initiatives across Victoria. Our love of corporate catering comes from our long-held connection to country and our shared passion for the hospitality industry.

Our Mission

Our hope is that by creating a meaningful niche within the catering industry, we can introduce to modern Australia a delicious native cuisine that tells our stories of the land, pays homage to our heritage and fuels reconciliation.

Our Services

We pride ourselves on creating delicious dishes inspired by native, locally sourced ingredients to deliver an exceptional dining experience for our corporate guests. We can cater to any and all needs and events, including office seminars, all-day workshops, boardroom meetings, product launches and other special events. We also offer private dining, with access to many unique venue spaces in and around Melbourne.

Our number one priority is delivering a seamless, reliable and meaningful service of delicious native cuisine to people and companies in and around Melbourne.

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Our Mob

Grounded in pride for their rich and colourful Aboriginal heritage, our business partners, Chadd Croshaw and Kent Mincherton, know what it takes to deliver delicious food and excellent customer service, and have been for over 20 years. Together, our team prides itself on overcoming any and all challenges with simple solutions that exceed your expectations each and every time.

Chadd himself is a proud Aboriginal leader from the Annawain mob. He makes it his mission to bridge the gap between indigenous and modern Australia by developing meaningful partnerships between our clients and our people. He combines his extensive experience with the 5-star corporate hotel industry with his connection to country and culture to strengthen community and grow reconciliation.

Kent has a love for the hospitality and catering industry that has seen him enjoy a successful career in events, innovation and business development. His fine dining experience has equipped him with meticulous attention to detail that plays a big part in Bunji’s consistently seamless service. His passion for the training and development of future generations has seen him develop valuable partnerships with Melbourne’s William Angliss Institute and the National Indigenous Culinary Institute (NICI), creating bright and gainful futures for young Aboriginal people.

Together, Chadd and Kent are determined to proudly feed Victorians delicious native cuisine while fuelling their homegrown heritage.

Our Menu

Each of our dishes is inspired by fresh, native ingredients and our deep connection with country. If you’re looking for a meaningful selection of delicious food that does more than feed, but instead fuels conversation, connection and culture, you can click the button below to browse our menu.

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